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Augmented Virtual Reality, a term coined by View Labs,  is a mixed-reality platform that uses data captured by our robots to combine real-life 360° footage with any 3D model or animation to achieve photorealistic recreations.

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Save Time and Money 

With our immersive AVR you will reduce time on site and save on staging expenses. Unlike traditional staging or product layout services, we provide design options without even stepping into a space. What would be a chaotic experience turns into an efficient collaboration with no added stress.

Preview the Possibilities

Stage a space that is still under construction or directly from architectural plans to showcase possible options for what the interior may look like. Clients will be able to envision the future of the property without waiting for it to be fully built, as well as see the before and after of a given space.  This technology can also be used to change the product layout of a retail establishment, plan event spaces or create blueprints for future use.

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