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With View Labs’ new proprietary conferencing platform you can host virtual tours while
engaging with contacts in real-time.  360 Meet solves any lagging issues and quality degradations while viewing digital content.  The result is a synchronized, non-disruptive user experience. 

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Virtual Collaboration 

360 Meet revolutionizes classic video conferencing capabilities allowing you to simultaneously watch the same content and collaborate through shared controls.

Recreate the
In-Person Experience

Virtually walk through any space along the same path you would in person. Pass control to others and allow them to focus on the features that are most important to them.

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Curate Your
Content Collection

Use View Labs proprietary 360° and Augmented Virtual Reality videos or upload your videos, pictures, and other files to present and share.

Share Your
Content Seamlessly

Unlike screen sharing with its unstable quality issues,
360 Meet displays synchronized content on any device without latencies or sacrificed picture quality, resulting
in a more harmonious conferencing experience.

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See the Difference

With 360 Meet, shared content will play to the maximum quality of

each device/internet capability regardless of origination quality.

Interested in 360Meet?
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