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End-to-End Solutions 

Our proprietary technology solutions span across five interconnected product lines, providing the flexibility to create customizable video content that best suits your business needs. 

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360° video filmed by our autonomous robots and immersive video campaigns.​

  • Clients receive an interactive webplayer that can be embedded into any site.

  • Clickable hotspots can be embedded in any video. 

  • The technology can  create interactive floor plans.

  • Technology enabled visual capture: Standard Video, Drone and 360.

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Augmented Virtual Reality is our proprietary mixed-reality technology that  allows us to place any object or animation within a photo-realistic 360° environment.

  • Content such as life-like furniture, animated text and cartoon characters can be rendered within 360° recreations of built and yet-to-be-built spaces.

  • Envision test-fit and product layout planning for entertainment, retail, and more.

  • Reduce time on-site creating  expense efficiencies.

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Custom designed virtual experiences that utilize our core technologies: 360° Video, 360 Meet, AVR  and  Interactive Video. 

Concepts currently in development:

  • Virtual planning tools for construction sites

  • Interactive and shoppable art exhibits

  • Live personal-shopping in a mixed-reality store 

  • Virtual shopping malls

  • Video game worlds ​


Our analytics platform Video Eye, built for interactive video, measures and tracks video user engagement and data that can't be found elsewhere.​

  • Tracks all user interaction specifically pertaining to videos, starting the second the user arrives on the video.​

  • Clients can access our analytics dashboard through a portal with a personalized profile interface.

  • Track and monitor performance and productivity.

  • Critical data for lead generation.

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A web based conferencing and streaming platform built for video that displays high quality synchronized content on any device.​

  • No latencies or sacrificed picture quality providing a stress-free, harmonious experience. 

  • Virtually tour through any space as well as pass control of the tour to allow others to focus on areas that are most important to them.

  • Useful as a sales enablement tool for marketing and presentations of all kinds.

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