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What Sets View Labs Apart

Written by: Rebekah Frank, View Labs CXO

Let me tell you a quick story...

Think back on the days before ridesharing. Personally, I think about how, at the end of a long bar shift, I would call a black car - there were no borough taxis back then and yellow cabs could only pick you up if they were on their way back into Manhattan. Sometimes in the early morning hours of a Sunday after an exhausting Saturday night shift, I would call multiple car services, hoping to find one without a busy signal. Once I got through, I would stand inside the bar, or out on the street, nervously awaiting the arrival of my ride with no idea who would be driving, when they would get there and with only a vague idea of how much it would cost me - in cash - to get home. The introduction of rideshares changed everything for me as a consumer. It gave me all the information I needed - when, where, who, how much. At this point, I can’t imagine going back to the time before a ride was available with the click of a button, and you probably can’t either. It revolutionized the way we think about transportation in the same way that GrubHub changed the way we order and consume food.

What else do we require to get through our days outside of transportation and food? The right space. Enter View Labs. Started in 2015 as a way to tour apartments in New York City, View Labs has emerged as a truly innovative company with the ability to film any location in the contiguous United States. We’ve expanded from exclusively offering 360 video to layering in standard video, virtual staging, reanimated maps and our own streaming platform. And we’ve only just gotten started. With our work lives and living spaces reimagined due to the pandemic, View Labs offers companies and individuals the ability to meet the needs of the current environment. Whether that be viewing apartments in a brand new city without leaving the comfort of home or digitally rejiggering an office layout to bring workers back safely, View Labs is there. I truly believe that long after this pandemic is over, the innovations born of it will continue to have a place in our lives. And as those things become permanent parts of our lived experiences, the quality will matter. Gone are the days of clicking endlessly through a poorly lit apartment, slowly moving from hotspot to hotspot, potentially missing a crack in the wall or water damage in the ceiling. View Labs allows you to view a space in 360 - navigating through every room - and share it with your friends on our video streaming platform. Never again will you have to walk into a white boxed space and proclaim “imagine a wall right here!” We can digitally build that wall for you - and adorn it with art or plants - to give you a true understanding of what it will be like.

It just seems like after the past 18 months, we have all had the opportunity to reevaluate what matters to us and it feels like, for a lot of us, what matters is time. Time with our families, time to ourselves, time for a long walk to clear our heads. View Labs can save you time, whether you are trying to find a new place to live or sell a giant office building, we can do the legwork from beginning to end. I don’t know about you but I’ll never go back to the busy signals and unpredictable wait times of calling a car to get home from dinner out with friends. View Labs solutions have that same cultural staying power. Give us a try. You’ll see.

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