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VirtualAPT is now View Labs!

We started this journey over five years ago out of sheer frustration from attempting to rent an apartment online in NYC. Those who have gone through this process (in NYC or elsewhere) know how hard it is to visualize a space through photos and videos. Photos and videos often lack accuracy in their depictions and don’t showcase spaces in a way that allows you to understand their depth and square footage.

Thus came our concept: 360° moving video. What makes us different? We film with custom-built robots that capture seamless, smooth footage at cunning speeds. Our technology removes the irritability involved when trying to view a space online by replicating the in-person tour and allowing the viewer to navigate the space virtually, just as they would in real life. Over the years, we’ve continued to develop our technology and expand our product offering. Today, we are proud to say that we’ve built multiple proprietary technologies that are far-reaching and effective for a variety of industries.

With VirtualAPT, the look, feel and functionality of our brand as a whole was heavily focused on the real estate space. With the expansion of both our solutions and industry focus we were forced to answer the age old question; who exactly are we?

So this is what we did:

  • We gave ourselves a new name and logo that encompasses the bigger picture and provides even more room for growth.

  • We upgraded our brand aesthetic and voice and debuted a new website.

  • The site now features a cleaner and more contemporary design with concise information on the services offered.

  • We categorized our solutions, providing plug and play options for our clients.

We stepped into our growth and developed our voice as a leader in the video technology sector. Now our focus is on finding new ways to evolve our technology to better suit current and future business needs. The inspiration for our work stems from the importance and value we place on in-person experiences. We strive to replicate that feeling in the most realistic way possible.

Our digital visualization tools are highly adaptable and can be used in conjunction with each other. We push the boundaries of what 360° video technology can do by creating interactive, user friendly digital solutions. With this, we are also developing mixed reality experiences in collaboration with major entertainment and retail companies to innovate their marketing, e-commerce and/or streaming experiences.

Our custom technology stack features five different product lines, all focused on providing efficient video based technology for collaboration, touring e-commerce and more.

View Studios: 360° video filmed by our autonomous robots and immersive video campaigns.

View AVR: Augmented Virtual Reality is our proprietary mixed-reality technology that allows us to place any object or animation within a photo-realistic 360° environment

View Analytics: Our analytics platform Video Eye, built for interactive video, measures and tracks video user engagement and data that can't be found elsewhere.

View Innovations: Custom designed virtual, immersive experiences and interactive worlds where shopping, product placement and marketing tactics are fused using a mix of all of our technologies.

360 Meet: Our newest invention, a web based conferencing and streaming platform built for video that displays high quality synchronized content on any device.

Rebranding gave us the necessary confidence to fuel our creativity and embark on exciting collaborations. This is just the beginning.

We are View Labs; sleek, modern, inventive, and most importantly dedicated to providing cutting edge digital experiences.

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