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Who We Are

View Labs is a digital visualization company. We’ve built autonomous robots that capture smooth, moving 4K, 360° videos. We combine this visual content with powerful data, analytics, video conferencing and AVR to provide the most innovative virtual experiences on the market.

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What We Offer

Unlike other vendors, we handle all visualization needs on a national scale. We are a competitively priced, white glove service offering end-to-end content production, including our 360° moving videos captured with robots, virtual staging, complete digital build-outs, aerial tours, and more. We offer data & analytics that capture viewer information and engagement, so you’ll know who’s viewing the virtual tours from any platform. We also have a conferencing platform that allows you to share the tours in real time without any choppiness or quality degradation.  Our technology will give you the upper hand to reach more potential buyers than any other virtual solution on the market.  

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Berkadia brokers utilizing View Labs technology have received 4x the number of offers 

*Berkadia's deal of the year for 2021 was using View Labs technology*

"The clients were really impressed with the tour and felt they got solid knowledge of the property. It is worthwhile using View Labs as there is not a dollar amount that wouldn’t make it worth it.”

 Patrick Sullivan 

Our Solutions
360º Walk Through Tours

Using our patented, autonomous robots to glide through spaces, we capture 360° footage of your asset, allowing your customer to get an exact recreation of an in-person tour.  With our immersive tours there is no need for the viewer to jump tedious hot spots - our tours allow for as much or as little interaction as your client decides. The result is longer viewing times and a more realistic idea of what a space looks like. 

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$5000 Base Price Includes:
  •   General 360° tour of property common areas and amenities (5 scenes)

  •   360° tour of 3 units

Add ons:
  •  Additional 360° unit tours:                                                   Studio $500, 1BR $750, 2BR $1,000

  •   Expedited Completion (under 1 week) - $800

  •   Voiceover: $600

  •   Floor Plan Overlay with Location Indication: $500

  •   Aerial Tour: $2,000 - $4,000

  •   AVR: Studio $1,000, 1BR $1,750, 2BR $2,500

  •   Sizzle Reel (non 360°): $5,000+

  •   Neighborhood 360°: $5,000

  •   Drone: $2,000+

Augmented Virtual Reality (AVR)

Our patented Augmented Virtual Reality (AVR) technology is the fastest-growing sector of our business.  We offer solutions for both built and pre-built spaces, from digitally staging an empty office space to building an entire property that doesn’t yet exist - and everything in between. 

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We have two different categories of product here: 

Pre-Build AVR

By working off architectural drawings and CAD files we are able to completely create a space, whether it exists or not. If the space exists but is empty, we can send a photographer over to take reference photos out of the windows, guaranteeing realistic views. If it’s a pre-build, we do all the work remotely. We can work from a white boxed space or create a white box space if you need a space reimagined. Depending on your needs, this can be delivered to you in 360° format, non 360º format or both.

Built AVR

This approach utilizes our autonomous robots. Using our patented technology, our robot captures data about the space allowing our AVR team to digitally stage a space. Using the walkthrough 360° videos, we add in staged stills, allowing people to visualize the space empty and with the addition of furniture, walls etc.; giving them the opportunity to view the possibilities each space possesses. These videos can be done showing multiple layouts - giving you the chance to appeal to people with different needs.

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Aerial Tours

A favorite among our clients, we offer our unique and effective aerial tours at three different price points. From an overhead view with a variety of landmarks to a fully integrated drone tour and the ability to render in pre-built spaces, these tours help you tell the story of your asset. These tours are sculpted with your input to attract the attention of your target audience, stream-lining the process and ensuring that your asset is shown in the best light.

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Sizzle Reels

 Integrating standard video with drone footage and Google Earth, our Sizzle Reels tell a detailed story of your property. Using standard video, we highlight all the best things your building has to offer - from amenities, to lux office space; from proximity to major cities to access to transportation arteries and pristine walking trails. These beautifully produced highlight videos include everything our aerial tours offer with the addition of:

Optional Add-Ons: 

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360 Meet:

Complimentary for current clients


$50/month/property (first month free)

With View Labs’ new proprietary conferencing platform you can host virtual tours while engaging with contacts in real-time. 360 Meet solves any lagging issues and quality degradations while viewing digital content. The result is a synchronized, non-disruptive user experience.


  • No latencies or sacrificed picture quality, providing a stress-free, harmonious experience.

  • Virtually tour through any space as well as pass control of the tour to allow others to focus on areas that are most important to them.

Our analytics platform built for interactive video, measures and tracks video user engagement and data that can't be found elsewhere. We are able to track all user interaction specifically pertaining to videos, starting the second the user arrives on the video.


  • Access our analytics dashboard through a portal with a personalized profile interface.

  • Track and monitor performance and productivity.

  • Receive critical data for lead generation.

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